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Elevate Your Brand Story with Custom Video Production + Motion Graphics Services

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Featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square
during the closing bell ceremony.

Endless Possibilities with Video Production and Animation

Persuasive product

Dynamic website
video banners

Impactful brand
story videos

Video blogs

explainer videos

video production

Embed videos in emails
and your website

Customer stories
and testimonials

Social media
video snippets

FAQs or “ask the
expert” segments

Engaging video for
trade shows and events

Benefits of Video Marketing and Motion Graphics for Your Business

  • Elevate your brand story with an emotive video.
  • Add clarity, color and volume to your key messaging.
  • Videos can easily be updated for future use or special promotions.
  • Boost your SEO and get found on YouTube and Google.
  • Created with Harp’s marketing value-add and brand savviness.
  • Quick turnaround and industry-competitive costs.
  • Grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • Generate 1200% more shares on social with video than text and images combined.
  • Increase conversions by 80% or more with online video marketing.

Our Process for Creating the Perfect Marketing Video
for Your Brand or Product

We review your objectives,
and dig into the story
you want to tell.

Our creative team develops
your script and storyboard
for approval.

Our interaction design and
illustration team begins animation,
and/or film/video shooting.

We strategically select
imagery, voiceover talent,
and music.

We present and review
final product with you…
the fun part!

Our project team repurposes
your video for different
channels and mediums.

Our SEO experts
optimize your video.
(YouTube is a search engine!)

We promote your video
with email, social,
and other channels.

Start your next marketing video or motion graphics project today!
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