Top Advertising Agency Chicago Area

Harp Advertising + Interactive identified among Chicago area’s top 20 best advertising agencies.

In the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Expertise studies, all of which reviewed over 674 advertising agencies and marketing firms in Chicago and the Chicago area, Harp Advertising + Interactive ranked among the top 20 best agencies in Chicago.

See how the Harp difference can make a difference in your marketing today.

Flexible + Full Service

Top branding and brand evolution agency Chicago area and western suburbs


Harp has honed a process that gets to the heart of your brand—beyond “what it is” and “what it does” to determine “what it means” and therefore, to connect, with those who matter most—your target audience.

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Best website development agency Chicago area and suburbs

Website Development

Inviting traffic to your website is like inviting people into your home. It says a lot about you, and visitors will be making split-second decisions. Harp designs sites true to your brand (capturing instant “a-ha” moments with customers), and we do it in a way that is clean, intuitive, uncluttered and inviting.

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Best email marketing agency Chicago area and western suburbs

Email Marketing

Whether we set up your email marketing, from determining useful list segments and form fields, to which email platform is right for you, or simply take on the evolution and management of your current email marketing, we’ll add value with our years of experience applying email marketing best practices.

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Top social media agency Chicago area and suburbs

Social Media

Tweet it. ‘Gram it. Like it. We know what we’re talkin’ about. We’ll audit your current social platforms, identify which ones will best serve you and your audience, develop strategies for each platform, and we’ll train your team, provide ongoing support, or fully manage your social media with our skilled team of content creators and community managers. LinkedIn Workshops, blog writing workshops, team training and more available with our very own nationally recognized social media guru, Diane Rayfield.

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Best SEM agency Chicago area and western suburbs

PPC, SEM, Inbound Lead Generation

Harp connects the dots to develop smart, focused, on-target and keyword-synced strategy to gain more leads for less. At Harp, we deliver the greatest conversions for the least amount of cost.

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Top marketing video agency Chicago area and western suburbs

Video + Motion Graphics

No one reads anymore, so we’ll keep this short. We’ll own and enhance your video or motion graphic project from imagination to final cut. We’ll optimize your video for all your online channels and utilize it to enhance your other marketing for improved results.

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High-Quality and Low-Key

While various awards and accolades have been received over the years, Harp doesn’t focus on that aspect. We’re not here to serve our egos. We’re here to serve our clients. We’re driven to exceed our clients’ goals; and our rewards come from making the client the hero.

We’re high-quality, and low-key…” says Lisa Harp, founder of the agency. We’re efficient, timely, and we strive to add value at every step.

“There are really very few, true full-service agencies in the Chicago suburbs—with a full in-house staff with deep expertise across all channels, including social media, brand, SEM, email marketing, and more. Harp is that agency. And it’s not just our expertise and quality of work that stand out, but our wonderful team of bright, creative, and deeply knowledgeable professionals who really care about the client and quality of work, while remaining flexible and very service-oriented.”

Looking for a top quality agency?

What’s the Harp difference?

It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.

Harp didn’t get to be one of the top advertising agencies in Chicago by chance. For over two decades, we have executed big agency results with small agency integrity, passion and service. At Harp, you’ll find on-target campaigns, on-time results, high-quality work, and a staff of accessible, flexible, hard-working professionals.

What our clients say.

We walk the walk. They talk the talk.

The true difference in Harp is their ability to quickly grasp the goals of what we are trying to accomplish and deliver something beyond what I had imagined. The team is fast, smart, quality-focused and intensely creative. It bears repeating, Harp is truly top notch.
Motorola Employee Credit Union
We’ve kept our substantial email marketing campaigns with Harp year after year because they consistently deliver all three aspects of great quality, speedy turnaround, and competitive pricing.”
illy caffè North America, Inc.

How’d we make the cut?

To create the list of the top 20 agencies, the Expertise group used a combination of computer programs and manual review to finally narrow the list. Key criteria reviewed focused in these areas:

  • Agency Reputation
  • Agency Credibility
  • Agency Experience
  • Agency Availability
  • Agency Professionalism
Top 20 best advertising agencies Chicago area
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