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Social Media Marketing

Ah, the good ol’ days of simply posting content. Long. Gone.

Today’s companies are investing—on average—up to 25% of their total marketing budgets on Social media marketing—and using it to drive business objectives from top-of-funnel awareness, to bottom-of-funnel conversions.

With new platforms, tools, algorithms and pay-to-play requirements changing daily, our mission is to proactively guide your social media marketing with data-driven strategy tied to your business goals. We’re adept at strategizing and managing social as the brand introduction, the customer service center, the product launch pad, crisis-control central, and the closer. What can we do for you?

Proven Successes across industries, B2B and B2C.

As an internationally-recognized social media agency, Harp Social, located in the greater Chicago area, provides a full suite of social media marketing services for both B2B and B2C companies.

Our team of Social Media Strategists, Facebook Ad Specialists, Content Creators and support staff are embedded within our full, in-house marketing team to promptly deliver all aspects from video snippets, graphics, webinars, and more. We’ll incorporate your social into holistic, over-arching reporting to capture and evaluate channels, campaigns, and key metrics within your larger marketing landscape.

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It’s important to think of every customer as an online celebrity with followers, friends, & above all, influence.   — Dave Kerpen
Recognized leadership. Worldwide accolades. Personal attention.

When you work with Harp for your social media marketing, you have the personal attention from—and access to—one of the leading industry authorities on social media marketing: Diane Rayfield. Diane leads a hand-picked social media team at Harp and works closely with every client to ensure on-target strategy, flawless execution, meaningful metrics, analysis and optimization. Let us elevate your social status. (And make you a superstar in the process!)

Diane Rayfield, Forbes Top 50 Social Influencer
The future of branding is un-branding
turning over your brand to your audience to experience
and ultimately, share on social media.

Providing comprehensive social media management services:

Social Media Strategy

We build (and update) smart social media strategies specific to your business goals, resources, audiences, and your competitive landscape. We work with you to establish meaningful KPIs and a reporting system based on your timeframe and delivery preferences. Has your company grown with acquisitions and mergers? We’re expert at strategizing and advising on platform integration.

Social Media Content Development

With the average person scrolling through over 300 feet of content in their news feeds daily, it’s imperative to break through the noise to get noticed. We have a full inhouse team to concept and execute content with animation, video snippets, quizzes and more to catch attention, earn engagement, and be seen.

Social Media Monitoring/Responding

Your inhouse team isn’t working every evening and weekend, but that’s when consumers often engage with your organization. And yup, they expect a timely response. We’ll handle the community management and monitoring, and provide prompt, well-written and authentic responses that properly represent your organization and information. Like all our services, our monitoring engagements are custom, so you can count on a process and protocol that fits your needs.

Paid Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram Advertising

From Instagram shoppable content, to dynamically-personalized LinkedIn ads, to strategic Facebook ad funnels, our expertly-crafted paid social media will move the consumer from brand awareness to conversion.

Chatbot Development

Messenger Chatbots are exploding in popularity and the uses are endless. We’re versed in creating chatbots to automatically answer FAQs, eliminate long response times, help consumers complete purchases, make product suggestions, provide customer support and more, all freeing up your marketing and customer service resources.

Influencer Marketing

If your product or service is suitable for influencer marketing (can we say “paid word-of-mouth”?), you may benefit significantly. This route requires a strategic syncing of the right influencers with the right brands. Harp plays the matchmaker, negotiates the contract, collaborates with the influencers on your behalf, and as always, sets up tracking to provide you a measuring stick of success.


Nothing improves your SERP ranking like a robust blog with keyword-optimized content. The key is keyword-optimized—with content rooted in keyword research to help ensure Google serves up your blog post to those who will benefit from the info (and benefit you in return). Of course, blog posts have “best practices” like all digital work, so we include CTAs, links, images, and other good stuff. Finally, our writers follow a proven template, so instead of blah-blah post, you get solid, optimized, traffic-generating blog posts. Yep, huge difference.

Social Media Hub

Provide consistent onboarding to your entire workforce of your organization’s do’s and don’ts regarding social media; and keep employees current on a regular basis. Your password-optional hub can include employee training (interactive quizzes) or documents that require electronic signature for easy admin record-keeping. Great for larger organizations that want to encourage social media contributions, avoid social gaffes by employees, or require HIPAA or other training, updating, and record-keeping.

Ask us about a free social media audit for your brand or business.

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