A few of our core competencies—the first of which is listening.
When you partner with Harp, our services can be summed up in a few words: Achieving your objectives (and beyond). We start every relationship seeking to understand your goals. Your end game. Timeframe. Challenges. Favorite drink. For most clients, the goals expressed are simply different ways of saying “Improving the bottom line.” So whether that’s gaining brand awareness, customer engagement, more leads for your sales team, increasing online conversions—it’s ultimately about growing your business.
Partnering: the accumulation of our decades of marketing insights and successes—combined with a desire to make your successes bigger, easier, and more fun.


Standing apart from the flock.


Brand development, brand refresh, and brand messaging are among Harp’s core strengths. A distinct and compelling brand message, along with brand identity and “packaging” or thematics, are the foundation of everything that follows. When this is on-target, you get greater return on your marketing dollars.

Harp has honed a process that gets to the heart of your brand—beyond “what it is” and “what it does” to determine “what it means” and therefore, to connect, with those who matter most—your target audience.

Ask us about our electronic Brand Positioning questionnaire that enables the C suite and key stakeholders to participate in the brand evolution process. Ask us about our brand workshops.

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Strategic brand development, brand evolution, brand messaging from Harp Interactive


Full-service web development with a purpose.

Website Development

Inviting traffic to your website is like inviting people into your home. It says a lot about you, and visitors will be making split-second decisions. Harp designs sites true to your brand (capturing instant “a-ha” moments with customers), and we do it in a way that is clean, intuitive, uncluttered and inviting.

We’re also versed on landing page best practices—strategizing, writing and designing pages for conversion as you define it (ordering, calling, filling out a form, etc). Our careful analytics guide us in tracking, testing and evolving landing pages to maximize your results. Ask us about landing page best practices and testing.

Many sites will greatly benefit with a content marketing program—for the purpose of serving up your content in the search results your audience is seeking. Today, this is even more powerful than the basic SEO-friendly tactics and keywords that web developers (who aren’t strategic agency partners) talk about. Ask us about content marketing and how it works.

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Responsive website development from Harp Interactive


A strategic, results-driven approach to keep you competitive.

Search Engine Optimization

Our expert search strategists and content writers take a strategic, results-driven approach to optimizing your website for organic search. Whether you’re in a niche B2B market or selling products across the globe, our top-rated SEO agency team can help your brand drive more sales and leads, outrank the competition, and dominate local search results.

Our process starts with keyword research (the foundation of SEO), which then feeds into on-page improvements—meta titles, header tags, image alt text, and meta descriptions. Our web development team will even take it a step further with a technical SEO audit to identify any errors affecting the search engines’ ability to crawl and index your content.

Ask us for a free SEO audit today.

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SEO Targeting and Geo-Targeting


Front to back-end expertise for increased delivery, open rate, and click-throughs.

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing campaigns avoid spam filters, short attention spans, and marketplace clutter. Harp has years of experience documenting what works (and what doesn’t), starting with carefully-crafted subject lines to increase open rate.

Whether we set up your email marketing (determining useful list segments and form fields, to which email platform is right for you), or simply take on the evolution and management of your current email marketing, we’ll add value with years of experience applying email marketing best practices that span front-end design, copy and calls-to-action, to the back-end programming and testing in all popular email platforms, and we’ll suggest opportunities to employ A/B testing for even greater ROI. And to ensure sumthing greater for you, we’ll provide meaningful email metrics that document your success (and ours). Ask us about an email audit of your current email marketing campaign.

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Email marketing campaign services from Harp Interactive


Full-service, strategic social media marketing supporting and enhancing your objectives.

Social Media

Most companies recognize they should be using social media in a more strategic way. If this has ever crossed your mind, just give us a call. We’ll audit your current social platforms, identify which ones will best serve you and your audience, develop strategies for each platform, and we’ll train your team, provide ongoing support, or fully manage your social media with our skilled team of content creators and community managers. We’ll optimize your social platforms, employ proven methods to grow your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, develop social ads, and keep your profile graphics refreshed on a regular basis.

We’re thrilled that Forbes magazine has recognized the head of our social media department, Diane Rayfield, as one the “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” nationwide, and we’ll be even more thrilled to share her expertise with you. Ask us about our Social Media Workshops, Training, and Speaking Engagements. Ask us about a social media audit. Ask us about monitoring tools and social media crisis management.

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Full-service strategic social media marketing services from Harp Interactive and Harp Social, Diane Rayfield, Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers


Driving targeted traffic to your landing page.

SEM, PPC, Inbound Lead Generation

SEM works. And smart SEM works better. Harp connects the dots to develop smart, focused, on-target and keyword-synced strategy to gain more leads for less. At Harp, we think of it as sumthing greater: delivering the greatest conversions for the least amount of media cost. Adwords, display ads, retargeting/remarketing, Facebook ads, blog posts, and more simply represent the different channels and tools we use to attract your audience where they live online—compelling them to click—drawing targeted traffic to your landing pages for conversions.

We work backwards from your conversion goals to determine how many prospects we need to “get into the funnel.” For example, if your landing pages show a conversion rate of 10%, and you seek 100 conversions a day, we need to reach and engage 1000 targeted prospects a day. Of course that’s only a start, because our job also entails watching metrics on each channel, each ad, and each landing page, and strategically testing different variables to ultimately find the most-effective combination delivering the greatest results.

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Inbound Marketing and Inbound Lead Generation Western Suburbs


Because life is on the move.

Video + Motion Graphics

Keep your marketing moving forward with video and motion graphics that serve up your content the way your audience wants—captivating, on the move, and in their hands. When combined with your email marketing program, video embedded in email can double or triple your click-through rates, and when video is included on a landing page, conversion rates can increase by 80%. Further, after viewing a video, up to 75 percent of viewers will visit your website. Ask us how we can better promote your brand, products, or services with video, and how we can utilize the video to enhance your other marketing for improved results.

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Full-service Video & Motion Graphics animation services from Harp Interactive


Life before the internet … we were there.

Traditional Marketing

Harp existed before the internet—so when we say “we understand traditional marketing”, it’s not just an old adage. Billboards, print, direct mail, brochures, sell sheets, and tradeshow marketing remain firmly in our wheelhouse. Today, technology combines with traditional marketing for campaigns that become interactive, and PURL marketing programs enable exciting one-to-one landing page tracking—allowing traditional channels and media, once considered “unmeasurable”, to now be measured. The importance of integrating brand and messaging throughout, and in sync with digital, goes without saying. Ask us about new EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) for next day delivery at reduced postage and no mailing list or addresses necessary.

Traditional and direct mail marketing from Harp Interactive


Quickly uncovering key insights with nimble survey and voting tools.

Market Research

Sometimes, one little insight can make all the difference; and while every client can benefit from market research, not all have the time or budget. Through Harp eSurvey, we’re versed in utilizing a variety of tools that efficiently glean applicable market insights.

Voting Platform

Real-Time Concept Testing
Gain immediate, valuable insights before launching a new product, name, package, ad, slogan, or more. Harp’s proprietary Voting Platform is a great way to crowdsource votes and opinions from your customer base as part of a check and balance process prior full-blown launch. From the comfort of your own desktop, you’ll have access to real-time vote counts and audience comments. An added plus—inviting your customers to share their opinion on a new product, ad campaign (or anything) makes them feel empowered and builds loyalty for your brand.


We’ll create and implement a custom survey to uncover the missing links that will propel your marekting efforts to the next level. Tell us your research quandary, and we’ll do the rest. Our services include survey writing, programming, launching, analysis and reporting.

Instant Feedback

Add a short survey to your website for viewers to share their opinions on the information that matters most to you. If speed and efficiency are key, Harp eSurvey’s Instant Feedback is the answer. The Instant Feedback site questionnaire widget allows users to quickly answer a 1-3 question “mini-survey” served up in a simple pop-up on your site.

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