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Even if you’re only engaging for SEM, narrow the search to find savvy SEM folks within a full-service agency. Why? Because SEM is inherently intertwined with other channels, and performs much better in-sync across channels and platforms. At Harp, our full-service team collaborates across all channels and platforms to ensure the messaging and creative are consistent yet tailored per channel, and all channels lead to well-designed and optimized landing pages best suited for that audience and product.

Tracking and Measuring is Key.

From top-of-funnel awareness, through to bottom- of-funnel conversions, we ensure accurate and transparent tracking to inform smart marketing decisions and active media management. With our thorough and detail-oriented (slightly OCD) A-type personalities at work for you, we track, test, measure, optimize and repeat.

Applying Actionable Insights.

We seek actionable insights—not merely more data. We’re self-driven to outperform our results month-over-month and year-over-year.

After Harp started, year over year results jumped over 70% while cost per lead dropped over 25%. We couldn’t be happier with their performance and with our interactions with them.
  —  Ron G. VP Marketing, Andigo Credit Union
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Full Transparency + Client Ownership

At Harp, any account we establish for you is set up with full transparency because we believe our clients have the right to full ownership for long term value. This means you have complete access at any time, and always 100% ownership of your PPC and Google Ads accounts—including all campaigns, account data, and history, even if our partnership ends.

All reporting will feature actual search engine click costs with nothing altered or inflated. If your current Google ads agency doesn’t want to share direct access to Google Ads or Bing to review accuracy, you may be surprised to learn of a profit margin percentage hidden in the reporting.

We operate on a predetermined rate to manage each campaign. No hidden profit margins or surprises post launch of your new campaign. Contact us today for a search marketing audit.

How should an agency charge for SEM?
Agencies tend to bill three ways for SEM:

Flat monthly fee, a straight percentage of media spend, or a combination of both. We feel it’s best to avoid the first two methods (and avoid a conflict of interest between agency and client).

Harp bills using a fair monthly fee to cover required account management, plus a low competitive percentage of media spend to adjust for account fluctuations. Ancillary work, such as content creation, landing page edits, ad creative, video, etc are then billed hourly as approved by the client.

Are you a Manufacturer selling through Dealers / Distributors?
Check out our unique solution to remove competitive overlap through central management, reduce CPC and sell more!

Search Ads

Search ads are one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach in-market potential customers, and we’re experts at keeping your cost-per-click low and your conversion rates high.

Keyword Research

Great SEM performance starts with solid keyword research, and it happens to be our bread and butter. This foundation can make the difference between costly clicks or a winning campaign.

Display Ads

With our proven strategies using the wide variety of targeting and placement options available across the Google Display Network, we’ll make sure you reach the right audience with the right message and creative. At Harp, we program our display ads in HTML5—to further drive clicks while reducing your costs.


There are many more interesting and successful remarketing tactics available than meets the eye. Let us lead your customers through an effective conversion journey to up-sell, re-sell, tell a story and create loyalty.

Google Shopping Ads

Sell your products where your customers start their shopping—directly on Google. With our targeting, bid and conversion strategies, you’ll drive more sales at a lower cost.

Paid Social

Advertising on social media opens a new world of targeting possibilities. Social networks have data mines of useful information, and we know how to expertly navigate them.

Landing Page(s)

All the ad strategy in the world won’t save you from a bad landing page. If the ad hooks them, the landing page converts them. Our job is to make sure your landing page does just that.

YouTube TrueView

Reach customers on the world’s 2nd largest search engine with remarketing, demographic and contextual targeting. With over a billion active users, we’re sure to hone in on your customers and lead them to conversion.


More and more consumers are starting their shopping journey on Amazon. And with available display and search platforms and massive first-party data, we successfully target your customers across devices with your products.

Our requests grew 10-fold due to the success we experienced with Harp’s keyword research, Google Ads and Bing Ads. Of the conversions, 46% converted into a sale, resulting in nearly an additional $3 million in revenue.
  —  Taylor K. National Sales + Marketing Manager, Butterball
reporting dashboard for real time results
Get all the insights, trends and recommendations
to evaluate performance and make decisions.
Customized Reporting for Holistic, Data-Driven Strategy

Reporting is customized to the key performance indicators important to you, and delivered in your preferred format—from customized dashboards, presentation decks, and more. Just as importantly to the metrics is the insightful analysis of what the information is telling us—and the weekly/monthly discussion of insights and recommendations with you.

  • Bid management (manual and automatic)
  • Budget management
  • Keyword and ad analysis and optimization
  • Project tasks
  • Email and phone communication
  • Internal reporting
  • Performance reports
  • Performance review
  • Ad Hoc reporting; including testing
  • Performance review
  • Account audits
  • Performance reports
  • Strategy planning
  • QBRs
  • Performance reports
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