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Brand development, brand refresh, and brand messaging

A distinct and compelling brand message, along with brand identity and “packaging” or thematics, are the foundation of everything that follows. When this is on-target, you get greater return on your marketing dollars.

Harp has honed a process that gets to the heart of your brand—beyond “what it is” and “what it does” to determine “what it means” and therefore, to connect, with those who matter most—your target audience.

Ask us about our electronic Brand Positioning questionnaire that enables the C suite and key stakeholders to participate in the brand evolution process. Ask us about our brand workshops.

Strategic brand development, brand evolution, brand messaging from Harp Interactive
A brand that captures your mind gains behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment.
– Scott Talgo, Brand Strategist


Harp’s brand development, brand refresh and brand messaging are based on the critical level of “what it means.” While many agencies attempt to develop your unique selling proposition and messaging based around “what it does” or “what it is”, our proven Workshop process enables us to get to the heart of the matter.


Brand Development, Evolution & Launch
Harp’s Brand Workshop is a highly-focused, compact session providing an agency-guided format that brings to light and explores optimum branding opportunities by fusing the functional, emotional, and competitive arena for each product or service.

Deliverables include:

  • Brand Positioning Platform or Brand Story A succinct statement positioning the brand.
  • Naming Should a name for a new launch be needed, our creative team will generate go-to-market names that can be owned in the space.
  • Value Proposition A statement of the functional, unique, emotional, and self-expressive benefits delivered by the brand that provides value to the customer. This is the message to be actively communicated to the target audience.


  • Tagline Development The conceptual and creative execution(s) that "package(s)" the brand/value proposition. While the brand is ongoing, the campaign thematics may be refreshed as appropriate.
  • Brand Identity Art exploration to create or evolve the logo.
  • Brand Management Guidelines An electronic document (password protected online access) with fonts, colors, usage, and art for consistent branding across all media.
Branding Refresh

Successful branding differentiates you in a unique way that is meaningful to your target audience.

What our clients are saying...

Harp’s Brand Workshop helped our management team really think about our culture, our products and services, and what we mean to our customers.
Cindy Zhao
As an organization, our marketing was all over the place. As a result of Harp’s Brand Workshop we have a platform and library which we use to build all components of our marketing campaigns.
Oliver Sicat
Noble Street Charter Schools
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