You put a lot of time & energy into building your website and/or blog; every page has a specific purpose and every photo was picked using great care! It goes without saying, when someone shares your web content, you want your eye-catching image to go along with it to instantly grab attention! But sometimes, the content isn’t optimized for sharing on Facebook and the image selection is either non-existent, or the person sharing the content ends up clicking through multiple random thumbnails before finding the one relevant image that actually goes with the content–a frustrating and time consuming effort.

In a recent report, the average number of items shared by Facebook users daily is 4.75 billion! (Tweet this stat)

Follow any of the three steps below to ensure that the image you want shared is actually the image that is shared!

The Social Media World Forum is underway today and will go on through tomorrow in New York. This conference has entered its third year and continues to provide top-level strategic advice and social media marketing insight. Covering important topics on how to engage customers, manage brand perceptions, empower employees and more. If you didn’t   make it to the event,   follow the hashtag #SMWF to view tweets with the latest on brand engagement, monitoring, ROI, advertising and community management and much more.

Twitter Highlights–Morning of Day 1 #SMWF

A curated collection of social media marketing sage advice from #SMWF keynote speakers:

@EA Chris Thorne:   Global Head & Senior Director of Social Marketing and Media at Electronic Arts.

@TedRubin  Ted Rubin:  a leading social marketing strategist and in 2009 started using the term #RonR: Return on Relationshipâ„¢

@LinkedIn James Burnette:   Head of Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

@mariaamezaga  Maria E. Amezaga: Global Social Media Manager- Center of Excellence, Communication Strategy, Shell

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Pinterest takes the commercial plunge.

Up until a week ago, a business couldn’t legitimately have an account on Pinterest (though plenty did/do). In fact, having a business Pinterest account was a technical violation of the service’s rules, which forbade commercial usage. In a welcomed step forward, Pinterest formally announced this week a set of business tools and terms which differentiate business accounts from personal accounts. Continue reading