Facebook Advertising for Business

It’s hard to believe that Facebook advertising has been around for 10 years!  Within those ten years, we’ve seen a significant evolution of Facebook ad type offerings, which continue to be refined as Facebook strives to make its ads more relevant with better returns for marketers, along with better experiences for viewers.

Almost every type of business can benefit from a solid Facebook advertising strategy. From local shops to enterprise B2B companies, Facebook ads are proving to be an important fundamental in any marketing plan.

Following are 14 convincing Facebook ad stats that may have you reconsidering Facebook marketing for your business. Continue reading

Driving your business efforts down a data-backed track is your first-class ticket to success station.

OK, so that may sound a little corny. What’s not corny is basing your business marketing decisions on research to lock in rewarding outcomes. Better yet, many market research techniques are available using the web.

Glean insights into audience preferences and opinions by adopting these four trends in market research. Continue reading