When it comes to growing your   followers on Twitter, you have approximately 2 seconds or less to grab someones attention and  positively influence them to click the “follow” button.

Whether it is lead generation, brand awareness, reputation management, search engine optimization or any of the other many benefits you can enjoy with Twitter, one fact remains, you need followers. And the more qualified followers you have, the better your results.
Below are   some proven tools, tactics and ideas to pump up the volume on your Twitter style and successfully build your Twitter following.
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The web is an great platform for publicity; unfortunately not all of it is positive!

If you have a website that depends on traffic from search engines then your reputation is vulnerable to external forces. Negative websites whose sole purpose is to provide a platform for your disgruntled customers to malign your brand (your keyword) can show up in Google search results and invade your search real estate. These sites become popular because they use certain techniques that attract searchers who are typing in keywords associated with your brand. Potential customers who might be searching for your product or service, comparing prices, or looking for your product reviews on the web, may also come across negative publicity that is displayed on the first page of Google search results along with your legitimate website! Google search results page will list these negative sites if these sites have gained momentum and are optimized for relevant search terms/keywords. Continue reading

A recently exposed syndrome, social media couch potato (SMCP), has become more prevalent and widespread among businesses that have recently adopted social media platforms. They are soon struck with the fact that social media marketing takes strategy, planning, resources, content, time and…more time. They become overwhelmed, haven’t planned properly, don’t have the strategies or resources in place to execute and the results are…social media couch potato syndrome.
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As the saying goes…if you’re going to do something, do it right.

This tried and true philosophy rings just as true today for any businesses entering into social media marketing.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, it is not uncommon to find the owners and employees wearing many hats — from new business development to accounting to customer service. And now, if they don’t also dawn the social media marketing cap…they’ll be left behind.

According to Maria Veltre, Executive Vice President of Citi’s Small Business Segment…

“While social media can provide additional channels to network and help grow a business, many small businesses may not have the manpower or the time required take advantage of them.”

Social Media Marketing is more vital than ever for businesses of any size to gain exposure and compete in the marketplace. When a business attempts to undertake this type of marketing themselves, they can set themselves up for failure and summarily dismiss an impactful, powerful marketing tool.
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