What is a motion graphic, you ask? You’ve seen them a thousand times before and just didn’t realize it. They’re short videos that inform, engage, and entertain.

They’re also a must-have for every company’s digital marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy in 2019, overtaking blogs and infographics. Motion graphics have exploded, and it’s not without good reason. Here’s why motion graphics and videos are sure to improve your digital marketing. Continue reading

Video marketing has become one of the most popular tactics employed by marketers today.

With higher ROI and engagement from consumers than ever seen before, it’s easy to see why more companies are adding video to enhance audience experience through digital marketing.

Internet users spend large amounts of time online watching videos. And video is one of the most shared forms of media.

If you’re not taking advantage of the power of video in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out.

Still not convinced of the positive impact that videos can have on your marketing reach? We’ve conducted some serious research and compiled our top-favorite, 15 shareable stats on the power of video marketing.

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Roll out the red carpet and fire up the cameras, Facebook has crafted a new feature with the introduction of cover videos for Facebook Pages. Cover videos are a far more captivating alternative to static images and give businesses the opportunity for more creativity that can set them apart from competitors. The cover photo or video space is a major focal point on the Page, sitting front and center.

So get the story boards out and embrace the future of Facebook. Leave cover photos in the stone age while we take a closer look at a few tips and best practices for successful Facebook cover videos. Continue reading