Want to Mention someone on Google Plus? You Have Options

You can mention people in your Google Plus posts in a variety of ways though the most common method I see on Google Plus is by using the plus sign before their name, e.g. +(name).   The ‘@’ symbol, made popular on Twitter and now, like the hashtag   is prevalent in our culture, can also be used in lieu of the ‘+’ sign.

When you mention someone in your Google Plus post, Google Plus will send them a notification. They may or may not see this notification depending on their notification settings. They’ll be able to see the post in which they are mentioned however.
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Did you know LinkedIn can be your most powerful social network online branding tool?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile but aren’t sure it’s optimized for search or for online personal branding?

In this article you’ll find a quick checklist of the most critical elements to include in your LinkedIn profile to ensure it’s optimized search and personal branding. Continue reading