What Does a Brand Mean?

Think of brand meaning as the teeny bulls-eye in the center of your marketing dartboard; it’s very important, very difficult to hit, and has a lot of irrelevant space around it.

It takes a lot of work to hit this bulls-eye. If this article covered everything about branding, your “estimated read time” stamp would be approximately 25.7 years (coincidentally how long we’ve been studying this). Continue reading

How many brand logos do you think you see in a single day? Probably more than you can count.

Even if you just count the logos you see in the first 30 minutes after you wake up, we bet you’ll be surprised by how many you find. Think about it: from the Facebook icon on your phone after you swipe off your alarm, to the Head & Shoulders shampoo in the shower, the Colgate toothpaste on the bathroom sink, your morning Folgers coffee with a splash of Coffee-mate creamer, the Apple iPad you open to check the news on CNN, to the Mercedes logo on your key fob (you’re VP of Marketing, right?) as you run out the door, just to name a few.

With so many logos constantly in view, brands must thoughtfully design their logo to make a memorable visual impact. Below are five striking characteristics of a successful logo to keep in mind when developing or updating a logo that stands apart and turns heads. Continue reading