Are You an Email Marketing Superstar?

Email marketing is alive and well. Are your campaigns flatlining?

Grade your campaigns and see how they stack up against these statistically proven email best practices, including:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Email personalization
  • Trigger email campaigns
  • Transactional emails
  • Bulk emails (eBlasts)
  • CTA buttons
  • Social sharing links
  • Videos in email
  • A/B testing
  • Tracking and reporting

Take the quiz and find out if you’re an email superstar.


1. Are your emails mobile-friendly?

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The name of the game is mobile. 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device, according to Campaign Monitor. Make sure your emails load quickly and can be easily read and clicked through on a smart phone or tablet.

2. Are you using automated email campaigns to drive traffic, increase event sign ups, and further segment your email list?

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According to Epsilon, automated emails have a 70.5% higher open rate than standard emails. Automated email campaigns (AKA drip campaigns) are email campaigns that take a designated action based on customer interactions with your site and your previous emails.

3. Are you sending personalized email campaigns?

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Remember, email personalization doesn’t mean adding the customer’s name to the subject line and calling it a day. Personalization is about recognizing the customer’s behaviors, interests and needs according to their interactions with your site, social media and emails. Ensure your campaigns show your customers you really understand them by sending out custom discounts, special offers or helpful content based on their past engagements with your brand.

4. Are you sending trigger email campaigns when a customer takes an action on your site?

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Trigger emails are extremely powerful ROI producers. Triggered or lifecycle emails produce 30% of ROI, according to the DMA National Client Email Report. A triggered email is an automated email campaign triggered by a specific action by the customer, such as joining a rewards program. The most obvious (and successful) example of this is the welcome email. Emails can be triggered by something static like a birthday as well. These sorts of triggers are lifecycle emails.

5. Do your campaigns cash in on transactional emails?

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Transactional emails enjoy an open rate 8x greater than other emails because they relate to valuable customer information, such as shipping confirmation. Since your customers are predisposed to open these emails, why not include promotional information about related products or services (here’s personalization sneaking in again) in the sidebar? Transactional emails are credited with 6x greater ROI.

6. Are you sending 2-3 bulk emails a month?

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When it comes to non-triggered, un-personalized emails, (AKA your average mass mailing), you walk a fine line between too many and too few. Too many bulk emails start to feel like spam and turn customers off. Too few and they forget who you are. The number to aim for is two emails a month, according to the Database Marketing Institute.

7. Are you optimizing your email campaign performance with CTA buttons?

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Don’t just use a link for whatever action you want readers to take—include a clickable call-to-action button in the email. CTA buttons encourage clicks and improve conversion rates.

8. Do your campaigns include social share links?

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Allowing readers to share your material builds trust. You have nothing to hide, you want them to share your content. Include social media share buttons in your emails and not only will your content be shared (hello free traffic), your credibility goes up too—and so does your reader’s tendency to click through.

9. Are you utilizing the power of video in your email?

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Yes, we have returned to the almighty visual marketing tool, The Video. released an infographic stating that emails that listed ‘video’ in the subject line had 19% higher open rates, 65% higher CTR and 26% lower unsubscribes.

10. Are you regularly testing your emails to improve performance?

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Great email marketers are never done testing. It is critical to A/B test every part of your email, from subject lines and layout, all the way down to the color of the CTA button. Start with the real difference makers like offer, design and subject lines and continue until you’ve tested every part of your campaign. Make sure to only test one variable at a time so you can draw conclusive results about what works best with your subscribers.

11. Are you tracking, reporting and using these insights to improve future campaigns and drive even better results?

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Analyzing the results of your email campaigns isn’t glamorous, but it can significantly increase ROI. Track key metrics like open rate, click-through rate, website visits, conversions and unsubscribe rate so you know who’s engaging with your campaigns, what content they like, and when they are most active.

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