11 thoughts on “16 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Company

  1. very nice cyma
    i m also studying all these things now a days
    SEO, SEM, uffffffff its huge

    but its nce, it helps me a lot


    • Thanks Laiq, glad you found it useful. We also offer workshops and tutorials for companies. Goodluck with your training and let me know if I can help.

  2. i will cyma 🙂
    as u know ( i think ) i am in karachi for my exhibition, i discussed these things with some ad agencies gurus but unfortunately nobody was interested. there are only few people who knows abt internet marketing SEO, i m not complaining but i feel bad.

    anyways will bother u on these things

  3. Thanks for this post. They are definitely great questions to ask and be aware of. Since social media is so new, I think a lot of companies who are new to the field and hear the term SEO and assume the person is qualified. But understanding how SEO and social media works probably takes years and years of study to truly understand. Thanks for reminding people to ask the right questions.

  4. Nice article. All the right questions and having not just an SEO person on the team is a must but even an SEM person. As your online Marketing strategy goes hand in hand. Very often, we find with our clients that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. At our company Actionly, we incorporate all these Specialists with eons of real world experience.

    Check us out, Actionly- is Social Media Monitoring dashboard and listening platform.

    • Yes, synergy always gives better results. Which is why our team includes both organic and paid search specialists who work closely with our certified social media strategists.

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