4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Things Beginners Should Know about Social Media Marketing

  1. Thank you Diane for a thoughtful and intellectually stimulating post.

    One common denominator of all successful social media marketing plans, I believe, is a flexible and yet robust strategy. You need to think strategically first and then be very quick on your feet once the strategy is being implemented.

    Flexibility is indeed paramount. As we gauge the response to our efforts and the impact we are making, we need to be both proactive and reactive as they are met with varying degress of success.

    One final point: a presence in the social media is not that costly in terms of platforms adn applications, but one should never underestimate the time element involved.

    It has been said many times and it bears repeating: social media marketing is very time-consuming and that needs to be taken into account and apportioned bewteen the parties involved before campaigns are ever implemented.

    • Well said Oscar. Campaign optimization is a must and should be built into every social media marketing strategy. For every SMM campaign we launch, we set goals and metrics that we use to chart our progress for those goals. Being flexible within the strategy is indeed a must in order to best reach your marketing goals and take advantage of the ever-changing social media platforms. And you are absolutely correct in stating the fact that social media is very time-consuming, if you are going to do it correctly. Thank you for your well thought out and intelligent response. We look forward to hearing more from you Oscar.

  2. Fantastic Post! I just want to restate the two obvious ones that were already mentioned.

    1) That you should step into Social Media with a plan and not in a rush.

    2) That Social Media can be time consuming, but is very rewarding in a lot of ways.

    Great Post

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