What Does a Brand Mean?

Think of brand meaning as the teeny bulls-eye in the center of your marketing dartboard; it’s very important, very difficult to hit, and has a lot of irrelevant space around it.

It takes a lot of work to hit this bulls-eye. If this article covered everything about branding, your “estimated read time” stamp would be approximately 25.7 years (coincidentally how long we’ve been studying this). Continue reading

Video marketing has become one of the most popular tactics employed by marketers today.

With higher ROI and engagement from consumers than ever seen before, it’s easy to see why more companies are adding video to enhance audience experience through digital marketing.

Internet users spend large amounts of time online watching videos. And video is one of the most shared forms of media.

If you’re not taking advantage of the power of video in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out.

Still not convinced of the positive impact that videos can have on your marketing reach? We’ve conducted some serious research and compiled our top-favorite, 15 shareable stats on the power of video marketing.

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Google Adwords has undergone a major rebrand: one that allows marketers to connect with prospects through varying ad formats at every step of their purchasing process.

Prior to this rebrand, advertisers promoted online businesses on Google under the AdWords platform. Originally developed to deliver valuable ads that were useful and relevant to potential customers, Google AdWords has evolved throughout the years to meet advertiser’s needs. Continue reading

Has your Facebook Page been the subject of unjustified reviews by former employees or competitors?

Online reviews are the word-of-mouth of this digital age. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 84% of people trust online reviews such as Facebook reviews.

Keeping a positive rating on your Facebook Page is very important for your business’s reputation and success. Think of it as social proof.

While it’s great when customers leave a positive review online, this isn’t always the case. Continue reading