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WebCheck: Achieve Peak Performance


Achieve Peak Performance

When 60% of a website's performance is based on navigation, you should never underestimate the power of website design. That's why Harp offers a WebCheck that evaluates everything from technology to design, and includes a competitive analysis to determine areas that need to be fixed, updated, or changed. Investing in a comprehensive WebCheck before updating your site will save you time, money and sanity. Harp critiques current site layouts based on how easy it is to find information, and how intuitive navigating through the different sections is as a whole.

Beauty is also on the inside. It's called performance. Since 1993, Harp has been a leader in the interactive space and brings all of this experience to the table when analyzing the technology of your website. Concentrating on multi-browser compatibility, various connection speeds, link and form functionality, Search Engine Optimization, and other web-based relationship building techniques, Harp will ensure you stay at the forefront of Internet technologies and techniques.

Harp will explore the feng shui of your site, focusing on visual aesthetics, the balance between images and text, and whether the images are appropriate for the target market and content of the site. Equal emphasis will be placed on examining the copy, looking for clarity, consistency, and current updates, while making sure the target audience remains the focus of the content of the site.

It's every company's goal to be the envy of the marketplace. After critiquing your site, a competitive analysis will be conducted, comparing your site with leading competitor sites for functionality, branding and positioning. Jealousy is a strong word, but it's the first that comes to mind.

Increase conversation, drive sales and generate new leads: Harp's WebCheck is the first step in preparing to launch your brand above the rest.

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Harp Interactive is a Chicago-based, full-service digital marketing agency providing integrated inbound solutions with the best of both traditional and digital marketing. Areas of expertise include Brand WorkShops and brand evolution for unique and powerful brand development or brand refreshes for products and services in both B2C and B2B. With extensive brand savvy, we apply and extend the brand to all appropriate outlets, including packaging, collateral material, brochure and print ads, email marketing and website development. However, no matter how great the brand and website is, it needs visibility to be effective. That's why Harp is also passionate about providing integrated inbound digital marketing, for effective digital marketing that will capture and drive targeted traffic to your website. Our inbound marketing plans combine an optimum mix of email marketing, search marketing/search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, banner ads and Pay Per Click for cost-effective, hand-in-hand, synergistic value that's simply unmatched.

We're small, driven and cost-effective. We're a team of strategists, who are expert in our areas of knowledge and unmatched in our desire to provide the best, most responsive and on-target digital marketing service you've ever seen. We operate with a mission to maximize the return on your marketing dollars through strategic synergies that result in exponential growth. We're flexible. We're friendly. Give us a call. 630-691-9500

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