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eMail Marketing: Make Some Waves

Instant and powerful at a fraction of a penny per contact, email marketing has consistently passed muster as among the most effective ways to get results. Attract new customers, strengthen existing relationships and watch your business grow. Harp has a history of successful email campaigns that generate leads, crystallize brand awareness and propel sales for B2B and B2C clients of all shapes and sizes. Your share is out there. Let's go get it. Turn the page…

Over 50,000,000 Internet users check email at least five times daily. Think about this—67% check email from bed in their pajamas, even 59% from the bathroom…

Your email marketing has a potential audience of millions—reachable anytime, and evidently, anywhere. Extend your budget and create immediacy, putting your company just a click away from future clients worldwide. Still considering? Did we mention 15% check email from church? Yeah…

Simply implementing an email marketing campaign doesn't guarantee you a piece of the pie, however. Effective campaigns avoid spam filters, short attention spans, and marketplace clutter only when handled with care. Harp has years of experience applying email marketing best practices, brand savvy and inspired creative—and proves it via the most comprehensive email metrics and documentation available. Find out just how far an email campaign can take you. Harp is standing by to make it happen. Get Results Now. Call 630.691.9500 today.

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Harp Interactive is a Chicago-based, full-service digital marketing agency providing integrated inbound solutions with the best of both traditional and digital marketing. Areas of expertise include Brand WorkShops and brand evolution for unique and powerful brand development or brand refreshes for products and services in both B2C and B2B. With extensive brand savvy, we apply and extend the brand to all appropriate outlets, including packaging, collateral material, brochure and print ads, email marketing and website development. However, no matter how great the brand and website is, it needs visibility to be effective. That's why Harp is also passionate about providing integrated inbound digital marketing, for effective digital marketing that will capture and drive targeted traffic to your website. Our inbound marketing plans combine an optimum mix of email marketing, search marketing/search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, banner ads and Pay Per Click for cost-effective, hand-in-hand, synergistic value that's simply unmatched.

We're small, driven and cost-effective. We're a team of strategists, who are expert in our areas of knowledge and unmatched in our desire to provide the best, most responsive and on-target digital marketing service you've ever seen. We operate with a mission to maximize the return on your marketing dollars through strategic synergies that result in exponential growth. We're flexible. We're friendly. Give us a call. 630-691-9500

Design, develop and build a custom commerce platform that is perfect for your brand.
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Evaluate all aspects of your website to evolve and maximize your online effectiveness.
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Social Media Marketing
Engage and Influence customers through real conversations in real-time channels.
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Brand Workshop
Explore your brand with Harp and create marketing that's memorable and sustainable.
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eMail Marketing
Generate leads, attract new customers and build strong relationships effectively.
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